10 Consejos/Tips đź’ˇ (Community Edition)


Cada mes suelo crear un EVENTO PRIVADO, exclusivo para mis invitados…

…dónde les informo de una serie de CONSEJOS básicos para aprovechar VERSE al máximo desde un primer momento.

De este modo, evito tener que repetir la misma informaciĂłn uno por uno, y asĂ­ la tienen de alguna forma accesible dentro de la App.

Comienzo poniendo un breve mensaje…

…dónde explico que se trata de un EVENTO INFORMATIVO, etc.

…y a continuación un ÍNDICE con los puntos que posteriormente detallo más extensamente.

Aprovecho para listar algunos enlaces de interés…

…finalmente me pongo a disposición para cualquier duda…

…muchos me preguntáis si tengo algún truco…

…y siempre respondo: saber y hacer las cosas bien.

No sólo se trata de invitar por invitar, y recibir recompensas… si no de informar a tus invitados lo mejor dentro de nuestras posibilidades…

…para que al menos, la falta de información no sea el motivo por el cual no sepan las ventajas del producto y como utilizarlo :+1:

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…hasta la próxima :wave:

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(join and receive 10 cents for practices)

  1. Verifica tu identidad
    (verify your ID)
  2. Personaliza tu foto
    (personalize your photo)
  3. Edita tu $VerseTag
    (customize your $versetag)
  4. Añade 1€ con tu tarjeta
    (charge €1 with your card)
  5. Retira 1€ a tu banco
    (withdraw €1 to your bank)
  6. Crea un grupo/evento
    (create a group/event)
  7. Comparte con tus amigos
    (share with your friends)
  8. Participa en promociones
    (participate in promotions)
  9. Sigue a @verseapp
    (follow @verseapp)
  10. Ăšnete a la comunidad
    (join to the community)

(links of interest)
web :point_right: verse.me
contacto :point_right: verse.me/es/contactanos
soporte :point_right: support.verse.me
foro :point_right: community.verse.me
embajadores :point_right: verse.me/es/ambassadors



  1. ID / PASSPORT :point_right: Although Verse allows us to use the application without the need to authenticate our home identity, if we do so, apart from security reasons, we will save time when performing certain operations later (such as withdrawing money to our bank account instantly). In addition, from experience, we will have more opportunities to participate in certain promotions and receive prizes.

  2. PHOTO :point_right: In this case something similar happens, although it is not essential, having a personal image helps our contacts to better identify us, and thus prevent possible incidents in payments with profiles of similar names to some extent. Also, in certain initiatives there are more options to be selected if we have our own photograph.

  3. VERSETAG :point_right: It is advisable to edit our $VerseTag, which would be like our personalized Verse username, with which contacts who do not have us in their phonebook can pay us without having our telephone number. My particular recommendation in this case is that it matches our regular @user on social networks, so they can locate us externally if we are interested.

  4. CARD :point_right: I always advise to top up a trial balance of €1 the first time. In this way we confirm that everything is correct with our bank card, and we avoid any type of incident when we want it to be used for real.

  5. BANK :point_right: As it is appropriate to make a first transfer check to our bank (€1 for example, which is the minimum amount) and verify that everything is fine for subsequent withdrawals, and in passing we contrast the speed of the transfer (most banks allow immediate transfers) :zap:

  6. GROUP / EVENT :point_right: Verse allows you to create groups to share expenses with friends or invite them to participate in events organized by us. My advice is that you do one of practice in private before formalizing real ones … also sometimes Verse rewards for the creation of our first event or group. They recently had a promo to create a group with the emoji :house: in the name or an event with :computer: in the title, in which they gave a prize :moneybag: for participating (you can test if it is still active) :four_leaf_clover:

  7. SHARE :point_right: Once you know a little about how the App works and have tried and tested its functions, you can invite your friends. In the :gift: section they explain everything very well, just remember that they must apply your code in Promotions within 7 days of registration, although then they can complete the reward process for 3 months.

  8. PARTICIPATE :point_right: Apart from paid invitations, Verse encourages its users with internal promotional campaigns. Within the App you will regularly find initiatives to put its functionality into practice, as well as small entertainment tests. You can recommend participating to your friends, remember that the more contacts use Verse, the more advantages we will all have.

  9. INSTAGRAM :point_right: If you are on this social network, follow the official account @verseapp. Where you can find out about contests and exclusive raffles, as well as information about winners of promotions such as #versetrivia or #vistoenverse

  10. FORUM :point_right: Enter the official community and consult questions related to Verse. You will probably be able to resolve questions with other members like you or the team, without the need for customer service. As well as make suggestions or report errors.

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