Hello i have a problem with my account

sorry that i speak english, but i have a problem with my account

my account was blocked, and i sent 2 email to costumer care, but had no reply

how to solve?

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Hi, don’t worry about the english, we even have an english section at the forum.

About your problem, sadly we are just users and the only ones that can tell you why your account is blocked are Verse workers. Be patint with the emails and maybe try calling

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yes but more than 3 days that i wait a reply

costumer care by telephon don’t speak english

any one can help me?

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Keep trying with email and maybe @Carlos_VERSE can do something if see this.

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how to contact @carlos_Verse ?

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still nothing… 5 days that i waiting reply

Sometimes it takes long as the get many reports

still nothing

1 week my money blocked

instagram not reply
here not reply
email not reply

How can i solve this bad situation?

I’m sorry, only Verse can solve it and it depends on the fluent the reports are and the number of them they handle.