How long does it take to beAmbassador

Hello I registered to be ambassador because I invited 20 people. I wanted to know how much it takes to know if they accept me or not. $Robins33 is y versetag

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Hello Rob,

In My case, i filled the form New Ambassador Program and i became Lite Ambassator. I received an alert that if i invited 5 or more new costumers till the end of the month, i would become full ambassator, so i did it, i invited 8 (that’s in december) and i was upgraded to full ambassator on 15 january, they told me that month it was slowly then it usually do… so, if this month u are a lite ambassator, and you invited 20 people, in the next month’s ambassator update, you will become full ambassator i think.

The new status you will have will grant you 7€ from every invite instead of 5€ and also the ambassator’s rewards from that month… if they repeat this month’s reward (i dont know if its allways the same, or if they change it every month) will be something like 10 people bonus 50€ (max 50€) plus 2€ from theyr invites (max30€, that means 15 secundary invites)

Also, i dont know if you are awere of the UNIVERSE program, but you are on 66 place, $robins33 with 431 points.You can see the rules there: universe-ranking-rules.pdf and the ranking there Verse

Keep it up till the end, and win a nice extra prize! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for my english, it’s not the better one :stuck_out_tongue: hope you undertend me :stuck_out_tongue:
Best Regards,

Thank you that was very good information. How many days did they take to accept you in as lite ambassador?

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It can change and some people can not even be accepted

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for lite was really fast, a couple of days. But as sonica does, it may change and it says that you may not be acepted, was not awere of it, its allways nice to have a propper answer from an experienced user as sonica, im still noob :stuck_out_tongue:

i wish you all the luck, and lot’s of success in this ambassator path… and enjoy, it’s the most important thing :stuck_out_tongue: