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Hi everyone! :smiley:

In the last month i invited a lot of Italian in Verse. I have noticed that many Italians cannot translate the simpler things from Spanish or English, so I decided to create a community for Italian Verser and help them.
I started with a instagram account (unofficial_verseita) and than i created with other Verser a Group on Telegram ( if it’s legit I’ll post the link) and now we are a little less than one hundred.
In this Community i try to explain to the italian, the promotion and the challange. For example I translated the text in the image for #BlackFridayWeek2020.

I need to know if it’s a problem for Verse Team that i have this group (no official) and for edit in italian the graphic :slight_smile: (i’m working at the moment for the Universe’s translate :P)

Finally, i saw the start of Verse Trusted Network and I stopped my project for the Italian Community. I thought about some contest reserved to the italian community, Can i already create private event on Verse and start some “challenge” for the italian Verser or i must stay in the VTN?

Thank u guys for your time!


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Ciao @stefanom57

You can propose to create a category in this forum for Italian-speaking users

Like this…

…let’s see if you have more luck and encourage Italian users who want to collaborate to participate

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The space has just been created, @stefanom57 ! You can help to create a nice space for italian speakers there!

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Thanks to the Verse Team for did it! :blue_heart:
Italian coming soon… :crazy_face::it:

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hola podrías darme la página de instagram de la que estabas hablando