Pago desde Inglaterra / Payment from England

Hola, quiero preguntar a los experimentados. ¿Es posible actualmente aceptar pagos de Inglaterra a Verse IBAN? En enero recibí un pago del IBAN GBxxxxxxxxxx bien, ahora parece que probablemente fue rechazado porque no aparecía en el saldo de Verse :roll_eyes: y hace una semana que se envió… gracias :wink: .
Hello, I want to ask the experienced. Is it currently possible to accept payments from England to Verse IBAN? In January I received a payment from IBAN GBxxxxxxxxxx fine, now it looks like it was probably rejected because it didn’t appear in the Verse balance :roll_eyes: and it’s been a week since it was sent … thank you :wink:

No tiene nada que ver con de dónde es el IBAN

Yes, I know it’s not a problem in IBAN, but I think Verse has generally started rejecting SWIFT payments, even though it was still working in January this year. According to the support statement, only SEPA payments can be accepted.