Problem with upgrade in Full Ambassador

Hello everyone! :grin:
On November 5th I became Lite Ambassador and in the 5 days after I invited more than 5 people who have completed the various steps.
I currently have 33 completed invitations but have not received any emails to become a Full Ambassador. I also wrote multiple emails to, but the only response I got on November 17th said I wasn’t verified in the app and hadn’t traded yet.
To become Lite Ambassador I had to have done these things already, so I think they have viewed the wrong account. I can’t understand how I can become a Full Ambassador, can someone help me?
My versetag is $stefanom57

Thank you,


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Hello Stefano! Full Ambassador Upgrades are done the first week of every month. If you’re selected, you’ll get a communication the first week of December.

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Hi @Carlos_VERSE :grin:
I’ve been looking for this answer for a few weeks, now I have it and I know that I have to wait just a few days, thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for participating in our community!

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